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Author Topic: "Global Specs"  (Read 465 times)


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"Global Specs"
« on: October 10, 2013, 01:11:29 AM »
Just started playing with my buko duo V1
I have entered all the settingd for Repetier host settings and Slicr3r as listed on the how to web page.
However, preceeding that info is this section:

Global Specs / Settings

All numbers are usually in metric millimeters (mm) and temperatures are in celsius (C) unless noted.

Compatibility: Reprap 5D / Marlin / Sprinter (250,000 Baud)
Nozzle Diameter: 3mm Filament / 0.35mm extrusion hole for Bukobots, 1.75mm Filament / 0.5mm extrusion hole for Bukito
Extruders: 1 for all except for the Bukobot 8 Duo which has 2
X & Y Steps using 15 teeth / 3.18 pitch synchromesh cable 111.98/mm at 1/32 microstepping
Z Steps for M6 threaded rods: 6400/mm at 1/32 microstepping
Extruder Steps using Tatsu Drive Gear and 13.6:1 ratio stepper motor (Bukobot): 630/mm at 1/8 microstepping
Extruder Steps using Tatsu Drive Gear and direct-drive stepper motor (Bukito): 185.2/mm at 1/32 microstepping
X/Y Travel Speed: 100-355mm/sec (150mm/sec recommended)
X/Y Extruding Speeds: Max about 200mm/sec (tested), (100mm/sec average recommended)
Extruder Retract Speed: 25mm/minute or less (20mm recommended)
Z axis speed: 250mm/minute (4mm/sec) or less (200mm/minute recommended)

Do we enter this somewhere or is it provided for other software packages?



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Re: "Global Specs"
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2013, 03:36:42 PM »
Actually the only program that need this information is the slicer.  The slicer uses this data to slice up your model and produce a gcode file.

The gcode file is standalone; it's all the printer needs to produce a printed object.  It encodes all the information the printer will ever know about your object.

The data you listed there is contained in profile files, which you provide to your slicer (Slic3r in this case), along with a model (as a .stl file or whatever), and that's all the information needed.

There are potentially a large number of variations that could be used for some of those settings, and Deezmaker provides a number of different profile files that represent some of those variations.  To simplify things, the profiles are split up amongst three types of profile:  for the printer model, for the filament, and for the actual print job.  The settings for the print job are the ones that you often have to tweak, using Slic3r's user interface generally.

So in short:  Once you tell Slic3r which printer, filament, and print profiles to use, that's it;  you slice and go.  All of the data you listed there is encoded in the profile files that you downloaded from the Bukobot website.

The learning curve comes in when you start to tweak settings for a particular print job.

For more info, see:  http://manual.slic3r.org/.
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Bukobot Duo v1


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Re: "Global Specs"
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2013, 04:53:05 PM »
The learning curve also comes into play when you start working with multiple extruders, and realize that even the settings supplied by Deezmaker require some adjustment. I still have not been able to produce anything high quality using dual extruders. (I have not given up; I have just not yet been successful.)

If anybody has successfully produced anything of high quality using dual extruders on the v2, I would be very interested in your object, your Slic3r settings, and what type of filament you have used.
Bukobot Duo v2


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Re: "Global Specs"
« Reply #3 on: October 10, 2013, 07:23:34 PM »
I actually found how to tweak those settings after the post last pm and promptly crashed the carriage!
Back to default now and working reasonably well (although only due to hair spray on the glass)



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Re: "Global Specs"
« Reply #4 on: October 11, 2013, 09:02:11 PM »
Those specs are posted for informational purposes only. They are not meant to be written into software configuration. Most of that data needs to be in either the firmware or the slicer's settings, but that they are covered in those sections of the instructions, and do not need to be pulled from that list.


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