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Author Topic: Extruder Stalling Problems  (Read 6639 times)


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Re: Extruder Stalling Problems
« Reply #45 on: April 09, 2014, 04:26:04 PM »
Alrighty, so I did a few things:

  • Loosened the idler screw through the extruder fan. Had to loosen the fan mounting screws to get access as depicted, but wasn't a problem.
  • Instead of tightening the extruder lever to maximum, I just went 1 below.
  • I was printing at 197, now at 205 (PLA). Doubt this had a large effect, however.
  • Changed retraction length from 1.5 to 1, Retraction speed to 30

I was also having a problem with the fan not turning on, melting the filament too far up the extractor and causing a clog. It was just some loose fan wiring on my part.


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Re: Extruder Stalling Problems
« Reply #46 on: April 16, 2014, 09:03:18 PM »
Their ABS seems horrible, if I'm wrong let me know, but I ordered a sample and when  I tried to use it it just snapped over and over again right at the extruder.  So when I went to remove it from the tubing it had broken all along the inside of the tube every 2 inches or so.  I would not personally recommend their ABS natural.
Please report this issue with the ABS using the contact form at http://toybuilderlabs.com/contact/. There have been a few rare occurrences of this issue with their material, but they're quick to replace the faulty spools and are dedicated to finding and eliminating the cause, so they need to receive reports of this issue whenever it pops up.


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