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I have a bukobot Duo from the kickstarter campaign.
I've never gotten it to print well.
The provided settings in the wiki have been tried and they do not give a great print.

I'm using:
Filament: Green ABS IC3D,
Temp: 230C
Bed: 110C

The surfaces are printing kind of unevenly (I've tightened up the X/Y "belts")
The corners are blobby like it is over extruding or dwelling on the corners for too long.

The extruded filament is measuring at .019" or .48mm.

My settings screenshot are attached.  Thank you!

I guess ill need to get one of those caliper thingies to measure filaments each time...hehe

Yeah, I found the speed in repitier, trying different speeds to get the right speed, at least for the current filament.
I was trying to slice at .05 and slic3r kept bombing on memory
Slice3r is pretty fast (if you turn off 'avoid crossing perimiters'..otherwise on larger builds it takes a couple hours.

I just downloaded Cura and am looking at it.  Looks good..if you can get some profiles, that would be cool.
Bukito General Assembly / Re: Extruder motor not working
« Last post by whosawhatsis on April 09, 2014, 08:17:11 PM »
Ah. We've seen that once or twice since shipping the first batch, and I've since built a test rig so that we can check all of those cables before sending them out in future batches.
There is a flow rate multiplier slider in Repetier Host for adjusting while printing, or you can use the extrusion multiplier in Slic3r's filament settings, though if everything else is working properly and you have the correct diameter measurement for your filament in Slic3r, these should not be necessary unless you are using a filament like TPE, which compresses into the drive gear enough to reduce the drive gear's effective diameter while pushing it.
ABS can be glued with acetone (actually a solvent weld that is likely to be stronger than the normal bond between layers). You can get a similar effect with PLA by using Weld-on #4 (active ingredient is dichloromethane, which is a solvent for PLA).
Kisslicer can be used, but you'd have to make your own settings for it. We haven't experimented with it enough to distribute profiles.

What is your goal in looking for a 64-bit native slicer, speed? Slic3r's speed has more to do with the fact that large parts of it are written in python instead of C (still a huge improvement over skeinforge, which I believe is all python). Cura is all C is extremely fast, and we have been experimenting more with that. I hope to have Cura profiles ready do distribute soon.
The brand is important if you're going to use glue sticks. Different brands use different formulas. They may all work similarly for gluing pieces of paper together, but that doesn't mean they'll work the same for gluing other things. Paper is porous and fibrous, making it easier to glue than just about anything else (anything that permeates the fibers and then hardens will do). There are even different brands of glue that work for different plastics.
Bukito General Assembly / Re: Y motor moves only one time after reboot
« Last post by whosawhatsis on April 09, 2014, 07:46:45 PM »
Are you getting a "commads waiting" message, or any errors in the console? Does it take move commands for other axes before/after that?
Hardware & Mechanics / Re: Extruder Stalling Problems
« Last post by Echo on April 09, 2014, 04:26:04 PM »
Alrighty, so I did a few things:

  • Loosened the idler screw through the extruder fan. Had to loosen the fan mounting screws to get access as depicted, but wasn't a problem.
  • Instead of tightening the extruder lever to maximum, I just went 1 below.
  • I was printing at 197, now at 205 (PLA). Doubt this had a large effect, however.
  • Changed retraction length from 1.5 to 1, Retraction speed to 30

I was also having a problem with the fan not turning on, melting the filament too far up the extractor and causing a clog. It was just some loose fan wiring on my part.
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