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I love my Bukobot, and have built 5 of them now for friends that I suggested the printer to. They all love the print quality and speed, as well as the versatility and range of filaments it will print, but all of them, as well as myself loathe loading this printer. Has anyone come up with a reliable method of loading this printer that does not include closing one eye, and trying to look down the tube to get the coil of filament in the hole just right while simultaneously praying that the gear grabs it before the filament snaps and causes you temporary insanity?

General 3D Printing Talk / Re: Dual X-Carriage Bukobot
« on: March 23, 2014, 06:52:33 PM »
If I wanted to build this Dual X-carriage Bukobot right from the start would it be more sensible to order the v2 kit and the extra parts, or the v2 duo kit and the extra parts? are there significant upgrades on the DUO kit that don't exist on the single extruder kit? Would you recommend just building the duo kit and then upgrading after I get it working? also I read that it is difficult to get the duo kit printing reliably. would I be better off starting out with the single extruder kit?

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