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thanks for the help.

[solved] - Changing to the correct driver worked

When I plug in the Bukito into my computer, it does not find the driver because the VID and PID do not match the driver linked on the website (I have an Azteeg x1).  The Bukito's VID and PID are 16c0 and 0483, respectfully, and the driver is looking for a VID and PID of 0403 and 6001, respectfully.  5.1 of the following link is my exact problem:


I've even tried editing the driver file to include the current VID and PID values, but I have not found a workaround yet - keep getting BSOD from everything I've tried, and can't seem to connect enough to the Azteeg to change it myself.  Wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what else I could try.


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